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Hello um just want to note I also own an Ortholinear keyboard with SA Keycaps in the 1976 colorway like the dude watching Tennis in the security room.

That was very weird and specific thing to walk in on!

Here's a picture of it...anyways small world???


Awesome.  When I put in the keyboard, I wanted something that was memorable and not just a mundane thing.   So cool you have the genuine article!


meanwhile, in the real world...


me want :(


I want anyone reading this to know that I just played a run of this game with a voice chat full of 8 or so ttrpg designers and literally every single one of us is going off to write games because of the experience.


awesome  wow!  any specific takeaways or things worth noting?  I really wanted to reach the TTRPG lovers w this and I'm glad to hear it's resonated with you all!

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weve been talkin a lot about adapting ideas from the dice system into physical play without losing the charm of upgrading, building up, and switching out faces  (lots of discord arguments raging right now about how to do that lmao)

i think its also worth noting that we all did voices while playing, and refused to upgrade Wisdom



We’ve done the voices thing for your games before, but this is the first time we were all yelling in joy/anguish like we were betting on horse races.

One thing in addition to what Rath said, we really got into the way that conditions forced us to move around to different angles of approach, both to optimize our rolls, and to deal with negative conditions “safely”.

There is a similar mechanic in a TRPG called TechNoir, but those conditions are much stickier than the ones in Betrayal At Club Low. I think that having them come and go quickly does a lot to make players think hard about when to play non-optimally, and I really want to see what it would do in an RP context.


Just bought this, looks like the steam keys are out. No big deal since I can just play it on itch, but figured you'd want to know they need restocking.


Thx for letting me know - new keys are now available.


this the hardest looking ish i ever saw


Was this inspired by the 2022 GMTK game jam? It would have been impossible to complete this in time but this concept would have definitely gotten high ranks. Well done!


Total coincidence - I think a mutual passion for tumbling dice is in the air.  :D

Wow I enjoyed the music / dice mechanics ! 

Fun concept!

Fantastic experience. I hope this isn't the last we see of this gameplay mechanic! It's so much fun.

definitely more in store!

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Addictive gameplay and nice balance.

Spot on art/music. A weird game with a well-built story.

im back and the demo is too! <3 


Hey groovy cats & kittens, download the demo in Steam's Next Fest Celebration! 

thanks but i missed it apparently </3


the game and it’s demo will return to the store on September 9th!


no shit the demo is returning too?? I mean I'm already anticipating on buying it but idk how common this is but it seems like once a demo disappears, it never comes back. Either way, what an excellent surprise for my birthday month!!! 😻😻😻😻😻

The demo has been receiving updates even after Next Fest ended (I'm not 100% sure why), so yeah, it makes sense to put it back up, haha.

ohhhhhh yeaaaaah!!


you absolute legend, I am so hyped for this! i'm injecting this game directly into my bloodstream the second it comes out.

Oh boy! Can't wait for this next acid trip! Thanks Cosmo D and Archie Pelago :)  You guys rock  alter my mind!

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YASSSSSSS!!!! Cosmo D, the genius artist is creating a new piece of their tapestry...


Can't wait!


I was just wondering when a new game was going to be coming out! I’m super stoked! 

!!!!! I am so excited!!! this sounds amazing!!!!!

My got! The mad genius is at it again!! I love your work so much, I own and have played all of your games. Twice. And your games single handedly brought me out of my creative slump and inspired me to make a video about the off peak trilogy. So thank you for making weird and amazing games. I'm really looking forward to this one 🖤🖤




can't wait to sink my eyeballs into this one!!

Yes yes yes!

Yo, I'm hyped!