Betrayal At Club Low - Technical Support + FAQ

Hello! Thank you for supporting Betrayal At Club Low :D. Here's some useful tech info:

Save game locations:

Windows: C:\Users\[YOURNAME]\AppData\LocalLow\Cosmo D Studios\Betrayal At Club Low

Mac: \Users\[YOURNAME]\Library\Application Support\BetrayalAtClubLow

Linux: home\[YOURNAME]\.config\unity3d\Cosmo D Studios\Betrayal At Club Low

Q: I found a bug / typo / issue!

A: You can report it here on the game's forum, send an email to support-at-cosmod-dot-net, or post it directly in the Betrayal At Club Low discord channel at  If you can describe what was happening in-game when the bug occurred, that will help me root out the cause of the issue.

Q: My save game is bugged out / broken!

A: Feel free to send your bugged save folder (in .zipped format) to -support - at - cosmod - dot - net. I'll turn it around in a timely manner. Again, if you can describe what was happening in-game when the save game bugged out, that will help me root out the potential cause of the issue.

Q: I'm in Face-To-Face mode and my dice get stuck a lot!

A: Depending on a wide array of factors, this mode can be unpredictable for the physics engine, particularly when a lot of dice end up stacking on top of each other. I recommend experimenting with dice bounciness, waiting it out until you see the red "table reset" button, or simply switching to the standard dice roll mode.

Q: My mac build is crashing on startup!

If you have an Intel-based MacBook Pro from the "butterfly keyboard" era, the graphical hardware may not always initialize. This is somewhat random, and a known Mac hardware issue, but there are two workarounds:

  1. I've offered up a Developer Mode version of the build, which doesn't have this issue. It does have a little "developer mode" white text in the lower right corner of your screen, but otherwise is functionally the same game. It is available in the downloads section on this page.
  2. If you keep restarting the game, eventually it will run. This is the brute-force method, but it does work with persistence.

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