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You have a die-hard fan in me! 


This game.. was amazing.

I have no real words describing my experience, except that I loved it!
It felt like a massive trip through a futuristic train station, every corner had something more bizarre waiting for you.

I've got so many questions after playing this, but feel so fulfilled at the same time.
Definitely looking forward to more of your games!

I also made a video on my experience playing the game, although I had to use the older version (as I don't own a mac). Hope I didn't miss out on too much!

I played it, bit it was weird as fuck man. 


Now i understand why the reviews said it reminded them of Bioshock, the whole experience was amazing and different to what I have played on here. i loved the music and the srt stle that was plastered all around the game was amazing, i would love the hang a lot of the art on my walls if i could

Interactive audiovisual catharsis.

Simply excellent.


criminally underrated. beautiful games.


Hi cosmo D! i was wondering if there was a 64-bit version available to download for mac os catalina, as it no longer supports 32 bit programs :/ i loved playing this a couple years back and i was wondering if there could be any solutions. thank youu & i love ur work!!


thanks for asking about this.  It's on the agenda while I finish Tales From Off-Peak City. 

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64-bit mac version is up for real this time.  Let me know how it runs!

Thank you so much!!! It worked great on Mac OS Catalina and I appreciate the fact that you responded to my appeal, love this game & can't wait for more 64-bit versions of your games!

Ayy man, it's on here now


This was so much fun. I love the truly unique style you have and the atmosphere you create in your games. Big fan of The Norwood Suite, too. 


Right on -- thanks for playing!

The world created feels amazing and is a pure joy to explore. I would love to see something like this released for Oculus Quest

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I really love how surreal yet relaxing this game is! I was quite impressed and intrigued by the music, sound design, dialogue, and level design. Also, I love train stations and exploration games, so it really hit the spot! Thank-you kindly for making such a unique game (and for making it available for free)! I recorded a video of me playing, too:

Right on + thanks for playing!  Glad you enjoyed it.

Really keen to try this out, but is it possible to invert the mouse up/down? Hard to unlearn a lifetime of inverted controls.

Inverted mouse should be available.  If not here, it's definitely available in the Steam version.

this was like being in a thought provoking surreal art gallery inside of a somewhat dystopian oppressive undertones. i will be diving into this to see more of what i get out of it. thank you for this experience!

I played Off-Peak a while back but I had to play it again for the channel! I'm really looking forward to the next instalment releasing later this year! Thanks Cosmo D for making this relaxing, unique world!


Thanks for playing!  Great collage title screen there.


I absolutely adore this game. It brings a comfort to me very few other games have. Also that soundtrack OOF

Please play this game :')

Is there only one ending?

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Can anyone please tell me who did the staircase artwork of the face with buttons? 

It's a Polish movie poster for a Danish film called "The Idiots". It was made by Wiesław Wałkuski and you can see some of his works here:

I really couldn't piece together a story, but I didn't care about that. The art, atmosphere, sound, etc. are all great. Although it might seem pretty random, every part of the world definitely shoots for a certain mood, and delivers it pretty strongly. Awesome game. You're awesome.


Please more, idk what kind of game this is but this is my FAVORITE type of game now. I loved it so much I wish i could jump into it and live there.

New game by amazing Cosmo D :

THIS IS SO CONFUSING ! | The Norwood Suite Full Gameplay Walkthrough First Look

I see Steam has a Linux version, are there any plans to bring the Linux version to ?

Lets just say, you dont need drugs after playing this.

Did a video on this recently what a weird funny game.
Video below :

Damn. This game is a trip.

Weird ass game. The dancing guy was my favorite.

I played this awhile back, extremely strange but did really enjoy it! Would love to see more!