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I absolutely adore this game. It brings a comfort to me very few other games have. Also that soundtrack OOF

Please play this game :')

Is there only one ending?

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Can anyone please tell me who did the staircase artwork of the face with buttons? 


It's a Polish movie poster for a Danish film called "The Idiots". It was made by Wiesław Wałkuski and you can see some of his works here:

I really couldn't piece together a story, but I didn't care about that. The art, atmosphere, sound, etc. are all great. Although it might seem pretty random, every part of the world definitely shoots for a certain mood, and delivers it pretty strongly. Awesome game. You're awesome.


Please more, idk what kind of game this is but this is my FAVORITE type of game now. I loved it so much I wish i could jump into it and live there.

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I see Steam has a Linux version, are there any plans to bring the Linux version to ?

Lets just say, you dont need drugs after playing this.

Did a video on this recently what a weird funny game.
Video below :

Damn. This game is a trip.

Weird ass game. The dancing guy was my favorite.

I played this awhile back, extremely strange but did really enjoy it! Would love to see more!


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