Tales From Off-Peak City Vol. 1 Available on Humble Choice - Coming To Itch May 15th

As you may have seen from my recent social media posts, Tales From Off-Peak City is currently available on the Humble Choice subscription service.  It is officially part of the Humble Originals publishing family and will be delivered through the service as a DRM-free addition for all subscribers.

"But... when will it be available on Itch.io???"

Answer:  Late spring / early summer, to coincide with the launch of the soundtrack.   Patience appreciated while the game makes its way through world on the Humble train!  The station it arrives at will certainly be here, as it has been with all my other games.

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Just finished it, it was great! A quick question- A couple of the humble originals eventually provided Steam keys. Is there any chance you'll provide them as well once the game is out on there?

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Check back in with me on this question once the game comes out on Itch and Steam. 

Hi, checking back in!

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Humble no longer provides Steam Keys for their Originals games through their platform, alas.  :(